In Her Defence: 50th Street

Amber Tuccaro was 20 years old when she left her infant son with a friend at a motel on the outskirts of Edmonton, and got into a vehicle with an unknown man.

She was never seen alive again.

But Amber left an important clue: A chilling recording of what appear to be the final moments of her life, and the voice of the man who may be her killer. Days after police released that recording to the public, Amber’s remains were found in a field outside the city. She would be one of five women whose bodies were discovered in that area, and one of dozens more found in rural areas around Edmonton, the victims of a suspected serial killer – or killers.

Following the success of the hit first season, In Her Defence: 50th Street takes listeners to Amber’s home in the Indigenous community of Fort Chipewyan, Alberta, retracing the final days of Amber’s life, and revealing suspects and information that have never before been made public.
In Her Defence: 50th Street explores the flawed police investigation into Amber’s disappearance and death, and asks serious questions about her unsolved murder.

Was Amber’s case compromised by what her family alleges was a racist and biased police investigation?

And does it mean a serial killer is still out there?